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Mixed and Engineered by Krishna

Krishna actively releases music under the name KIS as an artist and music producer.

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Baroque Madness

Music video for first single 'Baroque Madness'


Music producer and engineer

Traditional Song Medley

Recording engineer, Indonesian traditional song medley.

i thank you

Recording and mixing engineer, composed by Dava Giustizia.

Memang Mengapa Bila Aku Perempuan

Keyboard player for a tribute to RA Kartini, a national hero.

Sepasang Mata Bola

Mixing engineer for a rendition of Sepasang Mata Bola  performed by Berklee Indonesian Ensemble.


Original piano composition, expressing the loneliness during the pandemic era.

Tribute for Glenn Fredly

Arranger for Berklee Indonesian Ensemble project for remembering Glenn Fredly.

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